2. Collaborate with creative talent and MAKE STUFF!

You’ve no doubt heard this one before. Get a camera and start shooting. The RESONANCE C.A.F.E provides these tools, free! This also minimizes your cash spend, by collaborating with talents who need a showreel piece as much as you.

Your RESONANCE C.A.F.E will have the up-to-date gear and when the studio is free you have access to that space, and it is open 24/7. You can plan with collaborators for free and design how to maximise the time you get.  You can start shooting and cutting things immediately. There will always be mentors around to help and offer advice and support.

RESONANCE C.A.F.E is all about collaborative attitude

There is a science and art to delightful storytelling, and we are here to help craft yours!

Hang out with like-minded people – Get specific. Think in terms of every element. Try and notice the sound design and art direction. Try and think about how a movie was advertised and if it worked.

Now you’re thinking analytically like a filmmaker. Make friends, keep friends, be a good friend, and stay connected.

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