What is Resonance Café?

Resonance Café is a free studio space for music video production and a collaborative media and creative hub that operates 24/7. Providing mentorship and guidance, workshops and events to help young people discover their creative passion. So if you want to learn how to be a cameraman /3D animator /wardrobe designer/singer/editor/actor or model looking to build a portfolio and gain experience on any aspect of the arts you can join/visit the café, hang out and meet like-minded people and teams that will collaborate with you and get you started –FREE Wi-Fi, coffee and all studio equipment!

We segmented the arts into three cogs – Music, Film and Creative Arts. By way of example: A MUSICIAN needs a music video which needs a director, editor, stylist, dancer, graphic artist, a producer, a make-up artist and various other creative needs and expressions – So as one cog turns the others turn automatically and provide a space to exist. If you are a dancer who needs a showreel immediately you have music and film team to capture your expression. Everyone involved gets credits, showreel material and a path to entry into the professional industry.

Music videos are immersive, highly engaging, effective mini advertising short films for bands …that is NOT like advertising at all…but visual storytelling! People who work in PR and Advertising also work in the film industry. It’s a BIG industry with TONS of jobs and opportunities. You can start a lot of ways. None of them will be particularly easy, and all of them will be competitive. No-one is going to give you a break unless you can prove that you can do what they need you to do!

There are so many artists and craftspeople involved in the process on so many levels, there are not only one or two jobs, think of it like this: A musician comes to the café looking for a music video – the cog turns and by default, every other art cogs turn – the musician gets a video and the Talents get a showreel or portfolio.

Jürgen Alan
Director of Creative Stuff
George Stofberg
Director of fixing Creative Stuff
Alex Baroutsos
Director of Making Creative Stuff Work
Brendon Rowen
Director of Sourcing Creative Stuff
Warren Wilding
Director of feeding the Creative Guys
Richard Kellond
Director of Creative Directors

Dean Willis
Director of Creative Brains
Ian Farrow
Director of Marketing the crazy bunch
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