To Millennials, boredom is a punishment. Modern shoppers are empowered as never before.  They have greater choices,  and access to data on just about everything from products to pricing. Captivating visuals are vital for attracting retail customers

SeeThru Digital displays solution is a standalone LIFE SIZE 4K DISCREET GESTURE INTERACTIVE SCREEN, engaging, two-way experience that actively alters  shopping behaviour. From the moment consumers enter a store to the point at which they make a purchase – new innovations enhance variety, convenience, and personal service. SeeThru is a tool to create vibrant, innovative channels through which businesses can project their messages. By streamlining the user experience, and not overwhelming them with information, retail can focus on what the consumer wants.   SeeThru allows businesses to run multiple, ever-changing campaigns that feature videos, music, and user interaction. Software allows users to implement interactive campaigns. Using discreet gesture hardware, consumers can interface with social media sites while shopping. Companies can drive viral campaigns

It is hardware and software …But with

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