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Intel AIM Suite is unique, cutting-edge technology that delivers real-time audience measurement and analytics for marketers, retailers, brands and digital advertising network operators. It provides objective, quantitative measurement and actionable analysis of the numbers and behaviors of shoppers, including how they move through consumer environments and how they respond to and absorb visual cues like digital messaging screens and merchandising.

AIM Suite technology uses pattern detection to anonymously count shoppers and develop behavior patterns of those people in a defined area. It also determines genders and age groups and measures the amount of time people stay in that area. For messaging, operators can understand how long people are in range and looking at content, and reporting can get as granular as how long people look at certain messages, and if that changes by locations, times or dates.

Instead of guessing, retailers can analyze and adjust how they do business – from inventory levels to staffing decisions – based on what the data steadily tells them.

This data can be used in real-time to tailor messaging based on the demographics of current viewers. For planning and ROI measurement, AIM Suite technology data can be correlated with proof-of-play data to determine content-specific viewership metrics by demographics and by time of day.

The Retail Revolution

Technology is transforming retail by connecting the personalized experience of the past with the savvy customers of the future. Through advances in customer analytics and insights, Intel enables richer customer experiences, intelligent supply chain management, and more.

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The Future Knows What Your Customers Want Before They Ever Start Shopping