Introducing SeeThru!  


Highly engaging, two-way communication that actively alters shopping behaviour through experiencing the full story of all your products, 24/7.

One of the biggest hurdles for a retailer is having dynamic, rich visual content – just for a moment give thought to your advertising needs, the production process and budget allocation you must go through to engage with target audiences.

Clients interacting with Adidas store

Our SeeThru solution will radically change the way you tell your story, with ultra-high-resolution content production that is virtually free to you and available every day.

  • All content generated and treated by us, immediately free to distribute to your multi-media channels including print, web, in-store, mobile, film and tv.
  • No more websites with thumbnails or still images of models.
  • Branded, exclusive, bespoke storytelling for you not only for those who could afford big spend TV Ad productions.

Embrace the innovative SeeThru world of 4k content in a seamless daily supply, entertaining and engaging your footfall and customers with new fresh content, every day!

The SeeThru is much more than simply a glass screen for a life-sized experience!

SeeThru is a specially designed visual display system employing a specific state of the art technological elements, creating an interactive, highly detailed experience for customers and retailers. With interactive shop front windows and in-store units, you can ditch your mannequin collection NOW! See Thru focusses on improved customer acquisition, engagement and retention, building on personal VIP service for each customer.

SeeThru Technology is remaking the face, the bones and the brains of retail which combines deep product knowledge, trustworthiness, great shopper analytic insights for store and business owners.

SeeThru enables brands to interact with the shopper in a way that is natural, comfortable and fully respectful of shopper privacy.

Designing the Future, Now.

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