Introducing the SeeThru a 4K holographic interactive life-sized mannequin
All your products on display … 24/7

“SeeThru”  is a unit which has been made up of a number of technological elements to create an interactive experience for customers and retailers. “SeeThru” merges state-of-the-art interactive screen technology with visual content creation, to compliment and to replace the current static mannequins or displays used by retailers and other industries, with  interactive shop front windows and in-store units. Our solution is more focused on marketing spend resulting in improved customer acquisition and retention. 
The SeeThru is simply a glass screen,  for a real life-sized experience. The visuals are ultra-high resolution so that you can see textures, weaves … almost feel the item.
It can either be a free standing unit in your store or in your shop front window or we can project directly onto your shop front window. Taking up almost no space and complimenting shoppers who want their needs met faster. 

SeeThru  Technology will remake the face, the bones, and the brains of retail which combines deep product knowledge, trustworthiness, great shopper analytic insights for store owners 

SeeThru enables brands to interact with the shopper in a way that is natural, comfortable, and fully respectful of shopper privacy.

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